Stitch Me Up – Kevin Murphy

On Monday, November 17th, we hosted a “Stitch Me Up” class taught by Kevin Murphy’s hair expert, Ahou Mofid.  Using a Bella Sol The Salon hair model and a Kevin Murphy needle and thread kit, Bella Sol stylists were taught how to create two different styles, perfect for any upcoming holiday events.  Hair stitching is much more effective in securing elegant hairstyles in place without having to go through the hassle

The first style is a side bun, twisted, stitched and swept to the side.

The second style, a popular one by request, is called Venetian Blinds, and it is a creative two-part updo that involves an interesting maneuver in being able to pull up a ponytail into a bun with Kevin Murphy’s needle and thread kit.  The images provided will better demonstrate what I’m talking about.  The hairstyle itself is absolutely chic and classic, the go-to up-do for any special occasion.

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