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Infinity Sun
The Official Airbrush For The
2013 Miss California

Infinity Sun Custom Airbrushing brings you the worlds only multi treatment skincare system. Infinity Sun has a reputation for delivering world class products and state of the art technology in the realm of sunless tanning. Infinity Sun is an all natural anti-aging sunless tanning solution for a long lasting, most natural looking sunless tan leaving your skin youthful, hydrated and radiant. Infinity Sun has tanned the most famous bodies and have continued their elite reputation with their at home sunless products. During 

During your color consultation your highly trained body bronzing specialist will create your desired tan. You will discuss the depth of color, if you wish to have your body darker and fade up thru your neck and face, which areas you prefer not to tan (if any) or if you desire a lower body, upper body, face or full body sunless spray. Your body bronzing specialist will lightly mist your entire body with Infinity Sun hydrate normalizor and ph-balance the skin. This pre-conditioning treatment assists the skin in maximizing your tanning results. Don't forget to add sheen or shimmer to enhance your new tan with a gorgeous glow. Last, but definitely no least... choose your favorite areas to contour! 

Mystic Sunless Tanning Sessions

Offering four different levels of bronzing color and add ons to make your tan last longer you can customize your sunless tan to fit your needs.

  • Glow
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Mystic Aromas additives
  • Bronze Boost
  • Built in overspray purification system



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